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Saweetie's Latest Manicure Could Probably Win an Award for Most Nail Charms Ever

How many are even on here? We lost count after 30. 

Icy Gang, rejoice! Saweetie has dropped some new nail inspiration for your next appointment. On March 29, the Bay Area-bred rapper posted a closeup video of her elaborate talons that were adorned with the cutest 3D nail charms including teddy bears, Hello Kitty, pastel donuts — you name it.

Her go-to nail artist, Temeka Jackson, sculpted and shaped these lengthy nails, which Saweetie noted in her caption were a custom set. If you're new here, we'll catch you up to speed on everything Saweetie manicures. The star loves nails that could be longer than a CVS receipt and adorning each claw with various nail charms, so her latest set really screams Saweetie. 

Jackson left almost no space uncovered on these aquamarine stiletto nails, and she used an assortment of charms, including holographic gems in multiple shapes and sizes, candy, teddy bears, Hello Kitty, and even some donuts. Each nail was unique with a different selection of charms. For example, a big Hello Kitty charm and several multichromatic gems in various shapes and sizes adorned the ring finger of one hand. The other ring finger had similar colorful gems accompanied by a massive teardrop-shaped jewel near the cuticle and a holographic diamond-shaped gem closer to the tip. 

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In addition to the new nails, Jackson commented that the song playing in the video was a teaser of a new song from Saweetie, but the rapper didn't confirm when said new music will be dropping. Until then, we'll be trying to count how many gems are in this manicure. We lost track after 30. 

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