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How Gabrielle Union Is Teaching Kaavia to Love Her Own Hair and Skin Unapologetically

In a new video, the duo shares the cutest affirmations about self-love.

I'm not crying, you are — or at least you will be once you see the latest video Gabrielle Union shared. On March 27, she posted a short Instagram clip featuring herself and her daughter Kaavia saying affirmations to themselves — and it's truly the most adorable thing you will see today. 

The super cute clip shows her and her daughter looking into the mirror as they take turns praising things about themselves. Union captioned the video, "It starts at home," illustrating why it's important to build your child's self-esteem. To begin, Union asks Kaavia, "Tell me what you love about your hair." The toddler eagerly responded with, "I love my beautiful hair.” After that, Union declares that she loves her full lips, which Kaavia followed up by praising her "beautiful skin."

The back and forth between the duo continued as they spoke aloud the things they loved about themselves. Union also expressed adoration for her freckles. Kaavia shared that she loved her eyes and that she is strong and worthy. They shared a few more positive words until the very end when Kaavia suggested they say the last one together. The mother-daughter duo shouted, "I'm so beautiful," with huge smiles across their faces.  

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It feels like just yesterday the Shady Baby was communicating with only her facial expressions versus speaking full-on sentences, but she's all grown up now — well, almost. This isn't the first time and surely won't be the last that Union shares how she teaches Kaavia to love herself from head to toe, and we can't wait till she posts the next video. Maybe we should follow Union and Kaavia's example and start each day looking in the mirror and declaring what we love about ourselves.  

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