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How Eighth Day's Intensive Moisturizer Soothed My Dehydrated, Post-Treatment Skin

For one Allure contributor, this heavy-duty hydrator was the key to post-AviClear laser recovery.

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In the simplest of terms, we all know that some skin types generally run dry, while others err towards oily. (Mine falls on the oily end of the spectrum.) But factors other than your genetics also dictate what your skin needs in a particular instant. This last winter, for instance, even my scalp became dryer than usual. "The wintertime is always drier, and our skin [definitely] feels those effects," says board-certified otalarygologist Kimberly Lee, MD, who practices facial plastic surgery in Beverly Hills. In addition to seasonal conditions, she adds that laser treatments are another circumstance in which "the skin requires extra, intensive moisturization," no matter the time of year. 

It just so happened that I was living both of these skin-drying realities simultaneously, changing my product regimen from literally head to toe. After having received a series of treatments via the AviClear laser for my hormonal acne, my complexion was dry, flaking, irritated, and red, and could not tolerate ingredients like retinol or chemical exfoliants. I began to slug with green balms nightly but needed something less greasy for the daytime. 

New York-based, board-certified dermatologist Hadley King, MD, says that formulaically speaking, more intensive moisturizers draw upon different proportions of emollients and occlusives that must take special care not to become pore-clogging, or comedogenic. In short, finding the right texture for your particular skin condition is key. As someone whose skin seemingly breaks out at the mere suggestion of a clogged pore, I began looking for a potent, heavy-duty hydrator whose texture would not cause clogged pores or leave my shine-prone complexion looking oily. That's when I met Eighth Day Intensive Moisturizer.

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Dr. Antony Nakhla's luxury skin-care line formulated the intensive version of its Reparative Moisturizer just in time for me to trial a lab sample during my AviClear treatments. Created with the brand's proprietary Peptide Rich Plasma, a combination of 24 bio-mimetic growth factors, peptides, and amino acids for skin regeneration, you might expect a thicker cream viscosity. However, the cream actually feels deceptively lightweight with a silky texture. Going on, you would not guess its potency. Each little scoop feels lightweight and soothing, and a little bit goes a long way.

The cream's texture is possible because they formulated it meticulously. For instance, the incorporation of sphingosine in addition to ceramides — lipid ingredients that function like binding between skin cells — allows the formula to more effectively maintain moisture levels in lieu of cheaper occlusive ingredients such as petrolatum. In this instance, it is because of the luxury category's high price point that the brand is able to do so; sphingolipids are notoriously expensive to source and formulate with. But the effect works, resulting in a subtle "dewiness" that is not greasy. I have even successfully worn this cream underneath my makeup like a primer without experiencing any pilling.

Courtesy of Jessica Ourisman for Allure

Double board-certified dermatologist Karan Lal, DO, MS, FAAD, praises its "many peptides, lipids, antioxidants, copper peptides, and retinyl palmitate, which promotes cell turnover, but gently."  He calls copper peptide, in particular, a "magical ingredient" for its effects on multiple skin-healing pathways, while stimulating collagen and elastin production. Dr. Lee adds that the growth factors, peptides, and amino acids foster firmness and promote elasticity, while the ceramides and sphingosine retain moisture.

The one downside? Its luxury price tag ($290). But, if you like the science behind the brand and a formulating philosophy that seeks to empower the skin cells to regenerate and heal, this could still be the multitasking, powerhouse formula for you. I particularly like combining its growth factor–rich formula with my favorite retinol for added oomph in my collagen-stimulating skin-care routine. 

Skin-care trends indicate that science is indeed the new luxury, with data to back up results as the main factor justifying pricey purchases. As UCLA Associate Professor and board-certified plastic surgeon Jason Roostaeian, MD, confirms, patients coming in for cosmetic treatments are absolutely more interested in spending the money on luxury products after having invested in their skin's rejuvenation. (While he does not think that luxury products are necessary, per se, he does vouch for the sophistication of this formula. "I think it holds its moisture really well — better than most products that I've [tried] honestly," he confirms.)

Having long finished my last round of AviClear, I still find myself reaching for my tub of Eighth Day Intensive Moisturizer. During the day, when I want hydration without extra sheen, I follow it up with Sonrei Clearly Zinq Mineral Gel Sunscreen SPF 60 and Kosas Revealer Foundation. At night, I might top it off with Anfisa An-Balm Radiant Hydra-Balm or Oak Essentials Moisture Rich Balm to keep the moisture locked against my skin. At the end of the day, I fundamentally think of applying this moisturizer the same way I take my daily supplements — it's vital.

Eighth Day Intensive Moisturizer

Sound up your alley? The Eighth Day Intensive Moisturizer is sold for $290 at eighthday.com, violetgrey.com, and nordstrom.com.

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