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Cardi B Got Dangerously Close to Reviving Mid-2000s Raccoon Hair

But she modernized it with color-blocking and asymmetrical bangs.

Cardi B is channeling her inner emo girl (again). The musician just shared an updated take on the infamous "raccoon hair," popularized by pop-punk and emo fans in the mid-2000s, but she made it her own with some super cool color-blocking and sleek, asymmetrical bangs.

On March 30, Cardi posted a carousel showing off her new hair, a blunt-cut lob worn straight and slightly curled under and parted deeply to one side. Her bangs start right at the beginning of her part and are cut in a long, asymmetrical style that dips toward one eye, adding edge and interest to what first appears to be a simple cut.

The style is pure glam, but it's the hair color that really takes it over the top. Cardi's hair is enhanced by panels of blue and bright yellow color blocking in her bangs and the front sections of her hair, reminiscent of the chunky stripes of the mid-aughts with a more modern tone and placement. While we can't fully see the back of her head, a side-view selfie makes it look like the blue and yellow palette was carried through in more subtle tones across her hair. The rapper paired the fresh cut and color with a classic combo of a white tank, jeans, black platforms, and hoops plus a white manicure with red undersides. "I'm perfect," Cardi wrote in her caption, and I have to agree there. (Love the cute tropical fish emoji too, Cardi.)

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This isn't the first time Cardi has dipped a Margiela Tabi toe into the emo hair world. In the summer of 2022, she went full pop-punk princess in black pigtails with crimson red streaks. We know she loves the genre; she did flawlessly sing a Fall Out Boy song on New Year's Eve, after all. Rihanna, too, has given the stripey color technique a try in the past. Hey Cardi, wanna go check out what's new at Hot Topic?

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